Standard 10 thousand kilometer schedule service:

Vehicle Services

Supply all service maintenance components to do standard 10 000 kilometers services on the vehicles.

Normal hours

Standard oil change services can be done at Ravel workshop in Alberton North.s.

After hours

Standard oil change services can be done on the clients premises in case of an emergency or unplanned work load schedule.

Standard services includes

  • Inspect the vehicle for any potential major defects.
  • Inspect and test air-con components and system function.
  • Check coolant system components.
  • Check and correct anti-freeze mix.
  • Service and lubricate all grease points.
  • Repair minor defects.
  • Inspect and adjust brakes.
  • Clean engine.
  • Change engine oil.
  • Replace : Oil filter, Fuel filters Air filters, Fan Belts
  • Report oil leaks and defects that need attention.
  • Report major repairs and potential major repairs.
  • Clean and mini- valet service

  • Clean Driver Cab Compartment.
  • Clean Crew and vault Compartment.
  • Wash Vehicle.
  • Engine & chassis cleaning.
  • Differential & Gearbox Service

    Differential and gearbox oil change service done on C.O.F service.

    C.O.F. and Major Services

  • Vehicle preparation service for C.O.F. certificate done at Ravel workshop.
  • Each repair and service action taken to prepare the vehicle for C.O.F. Certificate will be quoted separately.
  • The vehicle must be made available for C.O.F. service to do necessary repairs when C.O.F. document processing is due every 12 months.
  • C.O.F. service includes:

    Inspect and list all defects that need attention for repairs.


    Obtained from base manager to do selected work on vehicles.

    Standard check list and Service Function

    Brake system:

  • Vehicle brake system front and rear.
  • Handbrake system.
  • Remove all brake system components.
  • Inspect and replace warn out and faulty components.
  • Service, assemble and test vehicle brake system.
  • Vehicle Security Electrical System

  • Test interlocking systems.
  • Repair or upgrade to Ravel locking system.
  • Test & repair all security electrical components in crew compartment, Vault compartment and Driver cab compartment.
  • Test & repair DVR system.
  • Air Conditioning System

  • Inspect air-con system and all components.
  • Test, service or repair air-con system.
  • Replace faulty air-con components.
  • Re-gas, test and commission air-con system.
  • Cab Armouring

    Repair and Service Cab armoured Frame

  • Check and re-align cab armoured frame components.
  • Repair and replace cab armoured steel components.
  • Check and repair bull bar and armoured bumper components.
  • Repair or redo cab carpets.
  • Replace damaged armoured glass.
  • Load Body Armour

  • Check and repair safes and drop safe components.
  • Reseal or replace view port windows.
  • Repair or replace door hinges and components.
  • Repair or redo carpets and rubberized flooring in load body.
  • Clean and rubberize load body floor.
  • Load Body Outer Maintenance

  • Repair minor accident repairs.
  • Cosmetic Body and paint repairs.
  • Respray Load Body when outer Body image is in bad state.
  • Vehicle Refurbish

    A) C.O.F. running repair & image refurbish on load body and cab components. (Touch and go)

    B) Comprehensive vehicle refurbish:

  • Strip down repair and replace.
  • Body and chassis components.
  • Upgrade outdated systems and components.
  • Upgrade vehicle image.